Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Joanna is trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and this would typically take around 12 -18 sessions, although less maybe required. CBT is very helpful for lots of issues as well as PTSD, particularly anxiety based issues. CBT works best when the client is willing to practice tasks at home that have been set in sessions, it is more directive than the Person Centred or Relational model. A useful metaphor to highlight one difference between these therapies might be that CBT does not focus so much on how the 'fire started', but more about 'how to put it out.'

Shorter term counselling

For clients who only want a few sessions of counselling, for whatever reason, and who do not want CBT, Joanna uses a person centred approach. This is builds a relationship of trust using empathy and unconditional positive regard, whilst allowing the client to direct the sessions wherever they want to go, the counsellor will help the client to unpick and make sense of their thoughts and feelings and act a bit like a mirror, reflecting back to the client what they seem to be conveying.

Longer term psychotherapy

Joanna uses an approach called the Relational model, this makes use of the relationship between client and therapist to bring out unconscious patterns and ways of relating that are problematic. This will take more time and is more of a financial comittment than shorter term counselling, but can work well for deep rooted issues such as complex trauma, eating disorders and personality disorders.