Fees are £55.00 per 50 minutes. There are some concessional slots for people on low incomes, please speak to me if you are on a low income and would struggle to pay £55.00. I will try to accommodate you at a lower fee but this cannot be guaranteed. If you cannot make your session please let me know as soon as possible so that another session that week can be offered where possible. As you are paying for the time slot you will need to pay for your time slot whether or not you attend, even if you give me notice. You will be given the same time slot every week. At the start of your therapy you will enter into a contract or agreement where you agree between you how many sessions to schedule for. You are under no obligation to commit to this agreement and can cancel whenever you like, however I require a minimum of 4 weeks notice in order to work through an appropriate ending with you, and so you will be required to pay for the last  four weeks even if you do not attend. This of course is to encourage people to attend even when it feels a little difficult.

Failure to pay for your session will mean you will not be offered anymore until the last session has been paid for.