Joanna lives in the area of Southsea Portsmouth and is passionate about providing affordable and accessible therapy to people in the area. Joanna is a fully qualified counsellor graduating from UWE in 2010 with an under graduate counselling diploma. Since then she has completed a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Advanced skills of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment, and also has  a Masters Degree in counselling and psychotherapy from Bath Spa University. Joanna lived and worked in Somerset before moving to Portsmouth and was employed 2 days a week for SARSAS, a charity specialising in supporting people who have experienced sexual abuse trauma, and she has a great deal of knowledge and experience in working with adults who have experienced abuse.

Since moving to Portsmouth Joanna has run her private practice from Southsea in a comfortable consulting room from her home on Prince Albert Road.

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Before working for SARSAS, and the YOU trust who she now works for, Joanna worked for DHI and led the criminal justice team, supporting offenders with drug and alcohol problems. Joanna uses a compassionate approach when formulating and understanding problems around offending behaviour and addictions that often stem from early childhood trauma and loss. Whilst such behaviours are not acceptable and can cause great pain to others, she views them as often being a normal fight/flight response to an abnormal set of experiences, and works from a non judgemental and empathic framework. Joanna's extensive experience and knowledge of complex trauma and so called 'Personality Disorders', and her own personal experiences, means she is able to work effectively with clients with a range of backgrounds, showing resiliance and sensitivity.