Joanna Mead provides one to one counselling and Psychotherapy to adults over the age of 18 in the area of Southsea, Portsmouth. Joanna can work face to face or online and has a special interest in adults who are struggling to process trauma following a background of abuse and/or neglect. Joanna can also work with a wide range of other issues including depression, anxiety and relationship problems.

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Joanna lives in the area of Southsea, Portsmouth and is passionate about providing affordable and accessible therapy to people in the area.

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Joanna's Approach

Joanna utilises and integrates Psychodynamic, Person centred and trauma focused ways of working to offer a flexible adaptive and personalised approach that can work in the here and now but also work with  unconscious processes that are outside of our awareness but cause us issues in the here and now. 

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Other Types of Therapy

 Shorter term counselling and Longer term psychotherapy

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Whether you have a specific problem you need help with, or you want to understand yourself better, counselling and psychotherapy can be really useful to help you reach goals, overcome problems, or deal with past trauma in your life. Joanna Mead counselling and psychotherapy offers the local people of Southsea, Portsmouth and surrounding areas a professional, affordable and confidential service.

Joanna Mead Counselling and Psycotherapy offers a warm, flexible and tailored approach to best suit individual needs, with evening and weekend appointments available at no extra cost.